lørdag 3. oktober 2009

Antipodal Point Pro

Antipodal Point Pro is now available at slideme.org:


For only $0.49 you become a fountain of fun-facts about antipodal points anywhere in the world!

Tap on any location to find it's antipodal point, and see the world through the satellites' eyes with Google's satellite mode.

søndag 20. september 2009

Antipodal Point

I have just released v1.1 of my application Antipodal Point:

Have you ever wondered where you would end up if you dug a tunnel straight down from where you were standing? Wonder no more!

This application retreives you position from the network provider or GPS and calculate and show you antipodal point - the place exact opposite of you on earth.

A coming, paid, version will enable you to browse the entire world and find antipodal points.

Update log 21.09.09:

* Added a exit-button from the menu.

* If no Internet-connection is found at startup, the app exits and tells user to connect.

Available from SlideMe:


And Android Market: